Saturday, August 25, 2012

Camelion Update

It's been a while as life has caused a whirlwind of activity around here. Typical of the summer.

I enjoyed attending the World Quilt Show in Manchester, NH last week and may go to the Gathering in November too. Lots of beautiful work was showcased - tons of eye candy to enjoy.
Of course, bought stuff and will eventually incorporate it into something :)

So the Camelion is coming along nicely. I am at the slow stage right now of adding beads to his little body for drama and color.  I will also be adding two more leaves above him, but they would just be in my way annoying me while I bead.

I would like Andrea to know that the worms have been removed and I like it much better too.

I am also working on another project - this one is top secret - kind of. These are the colors I have put together and I do like the arrangement. It needs more added, but this is what you get for this morning :) By the way Ladies (you know who you are) I have fused this background instead of applique. The deadline is sneaking up on me - LOL!

That's it this morning. TA!

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