Saturday, February 15, 2014

And Today.....

We fine tuned my new sewing table. I got the insert yesterday and because it was Valentines day we put off adjusting it until today.

Table is adjustable from 26.5" to 32"
So, being on the short/small side I looked high and low for the right table. I'm not one of those people that has to have it look like furniture. I didn't think that type suited my working style anyway. I found this "Sew Perfect Table" on the web and saw that the place that sold it was just in Maine, right over the border from us. (well, three hours away) We took a ride to Beddeford and picked up the table, brought it home and set it up.
My DH talked to Tony (store owner) and we needed to lower that table just a bit more so my back would not hurt when sitting at it. we ended up cutting about an inch off the front legs, which brought the height to 26 1/2".

I forgot to mention that we also took the arms off this chair so I could get the full ergonomic benefit of the whole sheebang!

That's what we did today, as well as adjusted the height of the machine for the insert. It all sounds very involved, but came out just fabulous!

Friday, February 14, 2014

What I've been up to.........NQR, sort of

I went out and bought a new machine! A Janome Memory craft 7700 with the large throat. I have been enjoying it since. Great machine and it has revved up my creativity again. I also looked long and hard for a table to use with it as I am small and it is not. The height is important so I don't get back strain and other ouchies.

So I also have been finishing up a jacket I had been working on and made myself a hat for all this cold bitter weather we are having.
Front Open

The jacket and hat both are wool. I've had the pattern for the jacket for a couple of years and just never found the right wool for it. So last year I went up to the Dorr Mill Store and bought some after feeling tons of bolts. You know fabric shopping is a touchy-feely kind of thing.
So here are some pics of my recent endeavors.

And the Hat.   So You see I have been busy, but not quilt related......unless you can count my working on my next word reveal for the Material Mavens. THAT must remain a secret until next month.
Left Side
Right Side