Monday, April 25, 2011

Design Wall - Monday

I finally made it! After a couple of weeks of doing lots, but nothing to show for it...............well this week, I have my Evening Grosbeak. He is all stitched and there is more to do in the trees and background, but I think he came out pretty good.

(and I fixed the right hand corner.....drooping too much)

I also have a new smaller piece, Snow Drop. I saw one a week ago and thought it so sweet, so I got my books out  and here it is:)

They are coming along as well as two others............heading towards the fabric stitchery jury, so trying to finish up and put it all together.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The clock that went backwards and other oddities :)

So, it took a minute or two, but that mystery is solved! The battery started to go bad and so the clock was trying to tell me. What? Does that not sound normal? Ok, so maybe a little strange, but I changed the battery and Voila! Works fine again.

I did a lot of sewing on a new project. Finished that up yesterday morning then changed it's shape about four is still drying. some of you know what I mean, others will have to wait for the final outcome, sorry. May 9th is the big day and I don't want the cat out of the bag until then.

FISH! He needs an extension on his tail! I keep trying to stretch him, but it isn't working - never will, so I just need to sew on a small piece (small PITA is really what it is.)
I have a new piece to put on my design wall on Monday. I have been really bad about that and any blogging for a while.

New order of stuff came in from Blick - love new stuff, but I need this for the jury day.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Chugging along towards my Big Day

If I didn't mention before - I am the Northeast Division in Quilted Wall Hangings for the National DAR Contest. Although the contest is open to DAR members only there are a lot of them! My winning entry will go on to Washington and I will be notified, if I won Nationally, by the end of June.
I am pleased, no matter the outcome.

May 9th is coming faster than I think! I feel pretty confident that I have all my work together and (not ready) will present it then (gulp!)

Today I am attempting to do some sewing on the fish and then the other two birds which are lined up and waiting.
I just looked over at my little clock in my work room to see that it is actually keeping time backwards - either needs a new battery or I am in a different dimension :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nothing on the design wall this Monday

I have lots to finish, so no designing right now. Three pieces were basted and are ready to be quilted. I had to take a day out and play with my Car Geek Husband. Now that I have a new car, he needed me to play with all the gadgets and buttons, wash it (yes, it had tire black on the wheels which make a greasy mess) and then we went over to the school and took some pictures. This was all good as I ended up having lobster for dinner :) Patience wins sometimes.

Working on pricing my quilt work. I have no idea............stabbing in the dark to come up with something I would be happy with. These take a long time to make, as most know, so pricing to the market fairly and well is the key.
So the next question is: "Who is my market?" I don't have an answer for that yet.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

News coming at me left and right!

So the big day.................LNHC Fabric Jury day is.................May 9th.
I am hoping I do well and am nervous, of course. I haven't been on the other side of the table since 2005, now it is my turn to be judged. I am confident in my work........well maybe a bit apprehensive, but I do know it is nice.

I already have one piece sold (Bohemian Waxwing) and it will be delivered after jury. That's good news!
But that's all for now and I have have work to complete before then :) I've got hte day today to do all the stuff I had talked about previously, but haven't gotten to yet. BAD CAROL!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The list

New car in driveway - check!

New phone...........on the way.

Fiber Jury date for LNHC.............May 9th.......check!

Nerves? Not yet, but will show up closer to date.

I'm finally keeping up with me :)

Last night I went to the LNHC Capital Campaign and had fun seeing some friends and meeting new people. Good times were had by all - nice weather too.

I came home to a new set of documents (very expected) and have to go and register my new car this morning, probably pick it up tonight, if other arrangements don't work out.

So, back to yesterday. The friend I went to the LNHC thing with last night wanted to see my work, so I showed her and she wants me to keep one piece aside so she can buy it after my jury. Huh! Pretty neat that it is sold before it even gets out of the room it was made in. Now the hard part..........pricing. That seems to be a whole other subject, one I am not fluent in for art quilts.
I could go by what Caryl Bryer Fallert suggests and then the quilt will be $$, or just pick a number and sell it like that - seat-of-your-pants type of sale. Decisions, decisions.
Also last night I saw one of the Gallery owners where my jewelry is and she wants me to give her more work.................I told her I would mail it, much easier for me. OR maybe I will take a ride in my NEW CAR that I don't quite have yet.

No matter, I have to do the usual mundane things and go to town hall, then the supermarket, etc. Oh, did I mention I never got to do the basting yet?  :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

And the story continues

So my Mom asked me if I was going to write a book on my adventures in buying a car - isn't she funny?

I took a couple of hours yesterday and worked with the AT & T people to get everything straightened out - yes, it is now. All I can tell anyone is to make sure you have receipts and your transactions are documented. It would not have been so easy for me if I didn't.
Last night we ordered from Verizon, same IPhone 4's different numbers - I will have a new phone number! The first in one will know who I am :( Well, no one does anyway, but I will tell those who need to know, once I get the number.

Off to another LNHC gathering tonight. Not sure about the details, but should be nice to see everyone (saw them last week too)

Basting this morning......can you tell I am trying to waste time instead? I need to cut strips to attach to the sides of the two birds to enlarge for framing. The fish is fine like he is.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cell phone rant

So this morning my DH says lets cancel these phones and get Verizon instead. Well it is under the 30 day limit, so we can  do this, but what a huge PITA! Seems he can't get any calls or reception at work, so it is like carrying around a brick that has pretty colors. Not a good thing when you use your cell to do work, I suppose. So I will tackle that after nine.

I woke up to find my nemisis (sp?) on my counter. I promptly put out little bait traps for the buggers..............I really hate ants - now the war begins in earnest. I WILL WIN! I just hate having to bother at all. I would put a sign out, but they can't read, so continue on my normal way that seems to work every spring.

I have three pieces on the design wall waiting for me to put them together with batting and quilt. I am home today - no car, so have plenty of time to do such a mundane job.

That's it for me right now :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am trying to keep up with myself!

So the second car fell through! We put money on it and signed a deal, etc., but the inexperienced salesman did not follow up on it and another salesman sold the car while this guy was off on Saturday. I was not pleased.
I found another car on Monday morning, (third time is a charm?)  made an appointment to see this one...went to Medford with Norm and we liked this so we bought it. This time I think we got it right! (fingers crossed)
 But the salesman was quite experienced and held the car for me to see for our appointment that evening and everything went smoothly. They are DELIVERING it on Monday..........can you believe it? Such good customer service!

Then today I went to the hand surgeon. He did some x-rays and we discussed my left hand and why it hurts so much, etc. The x-rays showed that when it was broken (35 years ago) it was not repaired quite right. I have two bones out of place and some minor arthritis as well. I will have this repaired and he said it should be in top working order with minimal pain after six weeks. Yes, I believe him. I am at the point that I do need some relief, the end of May or a bit later, I will have this done (after my jury with the League, of course.)

On the quilt/fiber front........I was notified that I am the Northeast Division Winner in the DAR American Heritage Contest. My entry goes onto the National level now and I will know more probably at he end of May or mid June.

That's all  my news right now :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Post on this blog

Yes, I know, I am schicziod (sp?) or something, but I missed the layout of the blogger blog. I can never tell when anything is interesting or what friends are doing with the wordpress blog.

Last night I attended the opening of the Walker Weed Exhibit - LNHC Lifetime Achievement Award. The man was charming and fun and his work is just beautiful. Good times were had by all.

So today I will work on my birds or maybe the fish and maybe a bowl and wait for the car guy to call to tell me the car has arrived.
In the meantime, a roof guy is coming to give us an estimate.
My new smart phone is smart. I put in my appointments for the week. That's life in the fast goes fast enough for me :)