Thursday, April 14, 2011

And the story continues

So my Mom asked me if I was going to write a book on my adventures in buying a car - isn't she funny?

I took a couple of hours yesterday and worked with the AT & T people to get everything straightened out - yes, it is now. All I can tell anyone is to make sure you have receipts and your transactions are documented. It would not have been so easy for me if I didn't.
Last night we ordered from Verizon, same IPhone 4's different numbers - I will have a new phone number! The first in one will know who I am :( Well, no one does anyway, but I will tell those who need to know, once I get the number.

Off to another LNHC gathering tonight. Not sure about the details, but should be nice to see everyone (saw them last week too)

Basting this morning......can you tell I am trying to waste time instead? I need to cut strips to attach to the sides of the two birds to enlarge for framing. The fish is fine like he is.

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