Friday, April 22, 2011

Chugging along towards my Big Day

If I didn't mention before - I am the Northeast Division in Quilted Wall Hangings for the National DAR Contest. Although the contest is open to DAR members only there are a lot of them! My winning entry will go on to Washington and I will be notified, if I won Nationally, by the end of June.
I am pleased, no matter the outcome.

May 9th is coming faster than I think! I feel pretty confident that I have all my work together and (not ready) will present it then (gulp!)

Today I am attempting to do some sewing on the fish and then the other two birds which are lined up and waiting.
I just looked over at my little clock in my work room to see that it is actually keeping time backwards - either needs a new battery or I am in a different dimension :)

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