Saturday, December 22, 2012

The last two weeks

Here's what I have been doing in between things the last two weeks. I made a handbag for a friend as a Christmas gift. I haven't made gifts in years, but this one was fun as I didn't have any pressure to finish for any reason and gave myself plenty of time. Making this bag was more relaxing than most bags I've made, and fun too.
It could be because I'm done crawling around under the house with electrical wire - that puts a damper on your day :)

We got our generator hook up all finished last week, but my body is still sore from the unused muscles it took to do it. Recovery is slow, but it is coming along.
We also picked up some windows to finish the barn's second floor next spring.

I did a doodle on my new polarfleece sweater-thing. Is this too weird?

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Doll is done, now onto the next piece!

I did some fabric painting, actually ink, yesterday and today. Did I end up with tons of stuff? No, just two pieces. Here they are -
I used Dyna-flow inks and water to see what happened. The blue one, I let dry overnight, but the green I pressed between parchment paper when wet. It made some cool designs in it too.

And then of course, the Hollyhock Doll is finished with some changes.

I took off the buds and added antique buttons . Voila!

This is made with/by: dyed fabric, freezer paper screened stems, inked buds, embroidered stems, wool felted doll head and body, silk dress and leaves and then quilted a little with heavy thread on a canvas panel.

It has a story on the back too. It says:

Hollyhock Dolls
Nana May taught me how to make Hollyhock Dolls.
I spent endless hours playing with them and imagining
all kinds of wonderful things that happened in their lives.
When I see hollyhocks now, it reminds me of Nana May,
and I treasure the impact she has made in my life.

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