Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Challenge - Feathers

Here's my example of the feather challenge for February. I found it hard to do and practiced a lot, but I seem to write better than I can make feathers. I did learn stuff from it which to me is the whole point of the challenge.

If you glance at it really fast it looks great! LOL!
Next up March!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moving on

That Grackle finally kicked my butt and I let it go! For some unknown reason, the beak came out huge again, so I just gave in and put it in the UFO pile.
Moved on to actually finishing a piece and basted two others and am contemplating another this morning.
I think I need to make some lighter background pieces for my work. Can't decide to use paint or to dye them.
Spent most of the day yesterday painting Mike's bedroom - with Mike! We did a very nice job and now we need to do a teeny bit of work on it to get it ready for the flooring. I also need to wash down the woodwork to paint that too. After Norm fixes the heater cover (got beat up through the years) then I will paint that too.
That's it, just working on stuff all over the place.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not working on fabric but -

I spent all day yesterday painting the new drywall. It sucks up the paint like crazy and I only have a little left too. Today the flooring guys will come and measure. Are they in for a treat! Nothing is square in this room :) It is one of two odd rooms in the house - well really odd rooms, the rest are just normal odd. Can't wait for it to be done too.

I did start placing fabric the other day on the next piece to applique. It is a scene that was down the road last summer of a small tree growing on an post. I liked it, so thought it would be nice to make. The POSTED sign on it was fun too.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Off with his head, off with his head!

Ok, so that may sound a bit overboard, but yesterday I went a little too far when working on my Grackle's beak and he ended up looking like Cyrano de Bergerac.
So I did the next best thing a girl could do and cut out his head! Like completely out - then I had a hole in my piece and thought it was a complete loss. While pondering my situation, (I walked around with crabby face for 30 minutes or so,) I came to another conclusion and a solution to my dilemma.
Lucky for me, I had more of the background fabric, so I pieced in a large triangle and then covered the seams with more reeds. Now I am working away at the repair and will baste a new head and beak today :) Voila! Happiness again.