Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moving on

That Grackle finally kicked my butt and I let it go! For some unknown reason, the beak came out huge again, so I just gave in and put it in the UFO pile.
Moved on to actually finishing a piece and basted two others and am contemplating another this morning.
I think I need to make some lighter background pieces for my work. Can't decide to use paint or to dye them.
Spent most of the day yesterday painting Mike's bedroom - with Mike! We did a very nice job and now we need to do a teeny bit of work on it to get it ready for the flooring. I also need to wash down the woodwork to paint that too. After Norm fixes the heater cover (got beat up through the years) then I will paint that too.
That's it, just working on stuff all over the place.

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