Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Started quilting

Posted this earlier in the week but wanted it to be on the Off The Wall - Fridays WALL too.

Here he is again............sick of looking at the same piece yet? I am working on another, but can't show it - yet. Soon, very soon - well maybe next month soon.

In the meantime, I have finished beading and stuffing and now basted it lightly and am quilting the camelion. The other two leaves are on and it is really coming along. I may add some more beads as I go to the leaves or background if needed. Decisions, decisions......

Friday, September 7, 2012

More Camelion update

Lately, I have been working on the Camelion in my small amount of spare time. (Occasionally I think I need one of those t-shirts that say - "Wait I'll drop everything I'm doing and help you" - we've all been there.)  I have achieved some more beading and a little embroidery and the little guy is coming alive! Actually my slowness in this is not only because of the distractions, but I keep changing things. I think that now I am happy with the beading on him (I kept snipping it off and putting it down)  and have moved onto the embroidery.
I also have another project that is coming along really well, but can't show you yet - it is a gift, sorry.
One of my tables is just PILED with stuff and I am quickly losing any idea as to what is on it anymore :)
I got word that my jury for LNHC is October 11th for those who are interested. HMM, that would be seven days before my son's wedding in San Diego. No stress during that time, I'm sure.

A request to check out the beading in the head shot - 

Well that's it for me this morning.
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