Thursday, June 30, 2011

More new pictures of the fascinator

A friend asked me to take some photos against a white background. She also asked what I did to make it.
I first did a massive amount of research. Then I found a place where they had a pattern for the base. From there I had some fabric, but no buckram, so ran off to the store to get supplies.

I made the base (with a lot of starting and stopping as the first part I made by hand and followed directions of hand sewing on the wire.) OUCH!

Left Side
Right Side
Once I had the base it was a matter of decorating it. Previously I found  a place that sold feathers and had ordered three types of shapes. I experimented with making a flower with wired ribbon and liked that, so kept it. The center of the flower is a silk flower thing I found at A. C. Moore. placed that on the hat base and did a lot of looking at it. I then tried feathers in different arrangements with the flower pinned to the base. Then spying several types of fascinators I liked, I used two sizes of ribbon to do ribbony loops and things. Those were attached by hand sewing again. The feathers were secured (hot glued) down to a small fabric base the same fabric used for the actual base so it would be hidden. I made a couple more little roses to hide attaching areas and now have those floating type of feathers to attach to the base too. (not done yet)
I found a headband I could wear and will cover that with black ribbon and attach the whole base to the headband so it will stay on my head - at east for the wedding. :)
Some are made with hair clips, but they don't stay in my hair, so I didn't do that way with this whole project.
I took about a week and a half to do this in spurts because of my hand, but I think this can be done quickly with two hands LOL!

(the back view looks a little limp, but it really isn't.
Thanks to my potter friend for the vase to make this one..........she doesn't know I use her pottery for all kinds of creative things. (guess she does now)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Fascinator - what I have been doing.....

So, I have a wedding to go to and one of my SIL proclaims that every woman in the family will wear a hat - like the royal wedding.

Hats are not my forte! I generally look a bit goofy in one. BUT I have been plugging away on this project all week. It is not easy making anything with one hand and a few fingers. I persevered though and when my PTherapist said I could take off the splint when I am at rest.............well, it's not that hard holding something lightly, right? I haven't had any problems yet and am VERY careful what I do with my hand.
Left Side
Right side
Here's the results of my week of work.

Any comments?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still goofing around.....

I'm looking around my work room/studio this morning and for someone who can't do much, this place is a mess! Small piles of cut fabrics here, batting over there and  a pile of feathers to make a fascinator over there. We'll see how that goes, I need two hands to do something like that. Maybe hot gross! I prefer sewing, please, but may be forced into using hot glue.The wedding is two weeks away, maybe I will be able to handle a needle by then.

I have an appointment to have my work juried into a local gallery and will be going there today after PT.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finally - some photos :)

So, they aren't exciting,'s my semi-permanent cast/brace. This can come off and I have had and will have this until I see the dr. next month. I am only supposed to take it off when I shower, wash my hands, etc.
Do I need this? YES, I do. I am progressing nicely though.

The second photo is of the postcard I was attempting to make. I will do some more sewing on this, but not sure where to go with it yet. The challenge is in the "can I use my machine with this cast on." Answer: not very well, but yes, I can use the sewing machine.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy, but not

It was birthday weekend. Mine and my youngest sons, topped off by Father's Day. I got many well wishes, cards and a neat hat or two. I also got three..........count them......three new feet for my new machine.

Yesterday, I attempted to do some machine sewing - making a fabric postcard or two. Discovered why we have thumbs. Thumbs are not only a good idea, but make it easy to hold stuff. I also discovered that my left hand does all the work. My right hand is pretty much along for the ride :)

That little piece of info sent me back to the doldrums. I eventually returned to try again - never give up! I did some more doodling with my machine and 3/4 of my hands. Doesn't look bad if you are 9!
BUT the main point was to check out the machine and HAVE FUN, so I did.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Having almost too much fun, almost :)

Day before yesterday I went to the local Bernina shop and picked up a new foot. This one is for cording, which I think would look splendid in some of my work. I am also thinking about ordering a walking foot, but they are pricy and it is becoming a toss up between that and a needle felting foot. OH, decisions, decisions!
Yesterday we went to the big city :)  looking for hats for the sun and a wedding I am going to next month. I got a very nice sun hat, but nothing for the wedding. Not sure what to do about that. I could make a Facinator.................

I am thinking about making up some postcards for the show in October. Small things sell better than large pricy things, and there isn't much I can do for hand work right now. Also thinking about trying to make a couple of some really cool buttons at Windsor Button Shop yesterday :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

First dye job of the year!

I have a couple of small pieces that I needed to be a nice dark bright yellow. So, I added just a teeny pinch of two other colors to it, thinking it would make this shade - WRONG! Instead I got a deep yellow orange, which is nice, but not what I wanted. Guess I have to do this again. :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some progress is good

Yesterday I found out I can type with TWO hands. Much more efficient.

I've been looking for a good sun hat, as I have gone back to the garden. Ok, so it has been neglected for 5 - 7 years and it is a mess. My problem is where to start.
I have this huge patch of vinca growing in my garden by the side of the house and it is choaking out everything.............that's probably where I will start. I know people pay to put this in their yards, but it grows like a weed here and is very invasive.

Still trying to NOT think about having fun with fabrics................ as my new sewing machine sits over there getting lonely, I'm sure.
Working my way to being able to take photos (of anything)  :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going through stuff

I am quickly finding out that I don't have much I can do. Yes, feeling sorry for myself too. BUT, I wondering if drawing would be therapeutic and will try it - I just need someone to get my drawing stuff out for me. :(   Later this morning.

I found out that the splint and I will be friends for a few months..............not weeks like I initially thought.
So far, I have been writing my stuff out with one hand and then erasing all the whining. I have always found that process to help me see how truly annoying I can be :)

Today is supposed to be super hot and humid - just yucky weather. I will go out later and water the new bushes we put in last week - it's got a soaker hose, so I don't have to move anything, just turn it on.
I have been working on my groups postcard mailing list for our show in the fall. I have been in minimal contact with artist friends - where is everyone?
Enough said.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recovery is slow but steady

So, the other day I said I was trying to sew................well I did. I still seem to still need a thumb.
Ironing and holding the work down with my left hand - do I choose something large and, not me! I decide I need to make thin stems. Very hot iron, up close and personal, lots of ouches and aws, but got one side of each stem done. Then proceeded to baste and ran out of steam. (my steam, not the iron)

Yesterday I drove for the first time and went up to Concord, Headquarters specifically. I bought two sets of large displays aka: two hollow core doors with hinges that are painted. I plan on repainting them and using for my booth display in October. I will pick them up at the end of the month. I need to decide on a neutral color to go with my dark green booth walls and olive accents. I am still working on this (in my head) and would like to be ready by then.

Friday, June 3, 2011

In a new splint and looking forward :)

I got a new splint the other day and it is so much more comfortable..........made just for me  too! :)
Today I got an evaluation at PT and the therapist said I could use my fingers to sew. SO, guess what I am doing right now besides typing? YES, sewing and waiting for the iron to heat up.

I'm making Marsh Marigolds.............small but a good step forward.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finally took pics

Well everyone, here's my hand/arm all bundled up in it's support. I will probably get a new one today, but these photos were painfull to take, so I'll see how it goes. That camera is heavy!
Off to my first PT this morning........ouch!