Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going through stuff

I am quickly finding out that I don't have much I can do. Yes, feeling sorry for myself too. BUT, I wondering if drawing would be therapeutic and will try it - I just need someone to get my drawing stuff out for me. :(   Later this morning.

I found out that the splint and I will be friends for a few months..............not weeks like I initially thought.
So far, I have been writing my stuff out with one hand and then erasing all the whining. I have always found that process to help me see how truly annoying I can be :)

Today is supposed to be super hot and humid - just yucky weather. I will go out later and water the new bushes we put in last week - it's got a soaker hose, so I don't have to move anything, just turn it on.
I have been working on my groups postcard mailing list for our show in the fall. I have been in minimal contact with artist friends - where is everyone?
Enough said.

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