Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recovery is slow but steady

So, the other day I said I was trying to sew................well I did. I still seem to still need a thumb.
Ironing and holding the work down with my left hand - do I choose something large and easy.............no, not me! I decide I need to make thin stems. Very hot iron, up close and personal, lots of ouches and aws, but got one side of each stem done. Then proceeded to baste and ran out of steam. (my steam, not the iron)

Yesterday I drove for the first time and went up to Concord, Headquarters specifically. I bought two sets of large displays aka: two hollow core doors with hinges that are painted. I plan on repainting them and using for my booth display in October. I will pick them up at the end of the month. I need to decide on a neutral color to go with my dark green booth walls and olive accents. I am still working on this (in my head) and would like to be ready by then.

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  1. So glad your healing is progressing - I rolled my ankle 2 weeks ago - Blessed that I didn't sprain or break my foot - but OMG my foot was HUGE and the bruise was awful - the swelling is almost down and my use is up to 80% I would say - gosh it take a long time to heal!