Thursday, June 30, 2011

More new pictures of the fascinator

A friend asked me to take some photos against a white background. She also asked what I did to make it.
I first did a massive amount of research. Then I found a place where they had a pattern for the base. From there I had some fabric, but no buckram, so ran off to the store to get supplies.

I made the base (with a lot of starting and stopping as the first part I made by hand and followed directions of hand sewing on the wire.) OUCH!

Left Side
Right Side
Once I had the base it was a matter of decorating it. Previously I found  a place that sold feathers and had ordered three types of shapes. I experimented with making a flower with wired ribbon and liked that, so kept it. The center of the flower is a silk flower thing I found at A. C. Moore. placed that on the hat base and did a lot of looking at it. I then tried feathers in different arrangements with the flower pinned to the base. Then spying several types of fascinators I liked, I used two sizes of ribbon to do ribbony loops and things. Those were attached by hand sewing again. The feathers were secured (hot glued) down to a small fabric base the same fabric used for the actual base so it would be hidden. I made a couple more little roses to hide attaching areas and now have those floating type of feathers to attach to the base too. (not done yet)
I found a headband I could wear and will cover that with black ribbon and attach the whole base to the headband so it will stay on my head - at east for the wedding. :)
Some are made with hair clips, but they don't stay in my hair, so I didn't do that way with this whole project.
I took about a week and a half to do this in spurts because of my hand, but I think this can be done quickly with two hands LOL!

(the back view looks a little limp, but it really isn't.
Thanks to my potter friend for the vase to make this one..........she doesn't know I use her pottery for all kinds of creative things. (guess she does now)

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