Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am trying to keep up with myself!

So the second car fell through! We put money on it and signed a deal, etc., but the inexperienced salesman did not follow up on it and another salesman sold the car while this guy was off on Saturday. I was not pleased.
I found another car on Monday morning, (third time is a charm?)  made an appointment to see this one...went to Medford with Norm and we liked this so we bought it. This time I think we got it right! (fingers crossed)
 But the salesman was quite experienced and held the car for me to see for our appointment that evening and everything went smoothly. They are DELIVERING it on Monday..........can you believe it? Such good customer service!

Then today I went to the hand surgeon. He did some x-rays and we discussed my left hand and why it hurts so much, etc. The x-rays showed that when it was broken (35 years ago) it was not repaired quite right. I have two bones out of place and some minor arthritis as well. I will have this repaired and he said it should be in top working order with minimal pain after six weeks. Yes, I believe him. I am at the point that I do need some relief, so............at the end of May or a bit later, I will have this done (after my jury with the League, of course.)

On the quilt/fiber front........I was notified that I am the Northeast Division Winner in the DAR American Heritage Contest. My entry goes onto the National level now and I will know more probably at he end of May or mid June.

That's all  my news right now :)

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