Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm finally keeping up with me :)

Last night I went to the LNHC Capital Campaign and had fun seeing some friends and meeting new people. Good times were had by all - nice weather too.

I came home to a new set of documents (very expected) and have to go and register my new car this morning, probably pick it up tonight, if other arrangements don't work out.

So, back to yesterday. The friend I went to the LNHC thing with last night wanted to see my work, so I showed her and she wants me to keep one piece aside so she can buy it after my jury. Huh! Pretty neat that it is sold before it even gets out of the room it was made in. Now the hard part..........pricing. That seems to be a whole other subject, one I am not fluent in for art quilts.
I could go by what Caryl Bryer Fallert suggests and then the quilt will be $$, or just pick a number and sell it like that - seat-of-your-pants type of sale. Decisions, decisions.
Also last night I saw one of the Gallery owners where my jewelry is and she wants me to give her more work.................I told her I would mail it, much easier for me. OR maybe I will take a ride in my NEW CAR that I don't quite have yet.

No matter, I have to do the usual mundane things and go to town hall, then the supermarket, etc. Oh, did I mention I never got to do the basting yet?  :)

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