Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cell phone rant

So this morning my DH says lets cancel these phones and get Verizon instead. Well it is under the 30 day limit, so we can  do this, but what a huge PITA! Seems he can't get any calls or reception at work, so it is like carrying around a brick that has pretty colors. Not a good thing when you use your cell to do work, I suppose. So I will tackle that after nine.

I woke up to find my nemisis (sp?) on my counter. I promptly put out little bait traps for the buggers..............I really hate ants - now the war begins in earnest. I WILL WIN! I just hate having to bother at all. I would put a sign out, but they can't read, so continue on my normal way that seems to work every spring.

I have three pieces on the design wall waiting for me to put them together with batting and quilt. I am home today - no car, so have plenty of time to do such a mundane job.

That's it for me right now :)

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