Saturday, April 23, 2011

The clock that went backwards and other oddities :)

So, it took a minute or two, but that mystery is solved! The battery started to go bad and so the clock was trying to tell me. What? Does that not sound normal? Ok, so maybe a little strange, but I changed the battery and Voila! Works fine again.

I did a lot of sewing on a new project. Finished that up yesterday morning then changed it's shape about four is still drying. some of you know what I mean, others will have to wait for the final outcome, sorry. May 9th is the big day and I don't want the cat out of the bag until then.

FISH! He needs an extension on his tail! I keep trying to stretch him, but it isn't working - never will, so I just need to sew on a small piece (small PITA is really what it is.)
I have a new piece to put on my design wall on Monday. I have been really bad about that and any blogging for a while.

New order of stuff came in from Blick - love new stuff, but I need this for the jury day.

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  1. Interesting. FOund you by way of fibermixedmedia.