Monday, April 30, 2012

Still here and lurking

I have been pretty busy since last time I posted with several pieces. I'm just pleased that flowers come in so many shapes and colors.
Today I am working with my Inktense pencils on a water lily. I tried my other inks and paints, but the result I wanted comes best from the pencils and plain 'ol water.
When I am happy with all the petals (which are drying all over the place, then I will baste it together.
I got some stuff since I visited my friend and saw her toys. Mainly I got a Speedball baren (round thing that you can use to press fabric onto your Gelli plate.) I also got a yard of silk screen fabric and a couple of small canvases.
Once I am done the petal painting I will move onto making some gelli and silk scree-type designs for backgrounds.
Here is a photo I am working from. No actual work to show yet.

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  1. So THAT'S what it's called...a baron! Glad to hear that you have some new toys for your toy box. Looking forward to seeing the results!