Friday, June 22, 2012

Just rambling thoughts

Writing - a way to convey thoughts and feelings into black marks on a page. These marks can last a few minutes or a lifetime.
I really enjoy reading and spend a bit of time each day with a book. Books have always been my friends and I do find that I use this way of entertainment to escape from stress.
Which brings me to my current stressful period of an illness within the family and my complete abandonment of any creative work.
Now that things are working out for the better, it is coming back. Creating my work, not reading.

My creative work comes from the soul and it only makes sense to me that when I am stressed, the creative self submerges and the "rescue, help and nurturing" self emerges. My she is a very take charge kind of gal! But when she takes charge everything else seems to just fall to the wayside. I couldn't even cook!

I started work on my waterlily again and now am appliqueing it to the background. Thoughts have surfaced on how to do some dyeing of some silk strips I have - just need cooler weather. I think I will take the soda ash soaked fabric outside on platters and paint it with dye mixed with the fishy stuff. (the name escapes me)
That is as far as I have traveled this morning. Waiting for weather to change and spending time working in Concord all day. Taking the waterlily with me too.
Makes for entertainment and keeps my  hands busy.

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  1. Seaweed...sodium alginate ( sp? ) Have fun dyeing your silk strips & glad that your muse has come back!