Friday, November 22, 2013

Update on the Statler Fountain Piece from July

When I last worked on this I was surprised to see it was way back in July. Well now I have finished it and got it mounted.

Let me give you some history on why I did this piece.

Statler Fountain By Ulysses Anthony Ricci, 1888 - 1960, sculptor

A Gift of the Hotel Statler Company, Inc. to the City of Boston in 1930 as part of a beautification project for the Statler Park, Stuart Street at Park Square.

Bronze, art deco fountain in the shape of a Roman tripod brazier. Woman in classical robes stands in the middle of the upper bowl holding a cup from which water originally flowed. Large bowl is decorated with signs of the zodiac in relief. Lip edge is decorated with egg and dart molding. The legs are decorated with semi-draped male figures above grotesque decorations and terminate in lions' paws. Basin at foot of fountain, now a planter.
Originally, water flowed from the cup the figure holds, into the raised bowl, and then into the basin. Fountain is no longer operable. A bronze dedication plaque originally on base is now missing.

Not long after I took photos of the fountain, I was horrified to find that it had been taken down and the Park torn up. I have not seen the Park since, but do plan on visiting again to see if it had been restored to it's original grandeur.

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  1. Fabulous! Thank you for the history of the fountain, but am horrified to think that it may no longer exist.
    I sincerely do hope that it has been restored and back for the public to appreciate.
    Really looking forward to seeing this quilt again in person sometime, as I am sure there are details that do not show up very well in the photo.

  2. Isn't it nice that you have the quilt now that the fountain is missing?