Friday, January 25, 2013

Off the Wall Friday

Finally! I have started working on something again, my MoJo took a vacation and now it is back.

This one is a 10 X 10 and as you can see, it is a poppy. I struggled getting this going, then after I went to a museum and got an infusion of friendship, came back and started this. (and a handbag, another piece that will be 9 X 11 and a challenge piece that is 12X12. The last three are in piles right now. :)

It may have some buds or not, no decision on that yet. As most people, I need to work as I go and do what "feels right."

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  1. Good to see you back to business! Feels good, huh?
    We all need a break to re- energize now and then.

  2. Glad your mojo is back! (Here from OTWF)

  3. so glad your mojo is back!! I definitely know how it is!