Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Learning Curve

So I went out on a limb to try something with my poppy. I stiffened it with Paverpol and shaped it then let it dry.

Verdict - it is now a concrete flower. Looks pretty when held, but not conducive to sewing onto a fabric background. Looks too heavy and can't be positioned to advantage. I will chalk this up to my learning curve and call that one done. Back to using other types of stiffening materials and will probably end up with goo 'ol Misty Fuse and a second layer - I like how it can be handled and is probably more user friendly for my needs right now.

On a fun note - the center was fun to make and looks awesome! I get a +++ for that at least  :)


  1. ohh I do like the texture of this --- not to mention the blue is really nice too! love the experiments!

  2. The center IS fabulous! Love what I can see of the background also.

  3. I bet you will be able to use as an embellishment on a purse or something. Sorry it is too stiff for your project.