Sunday, February 3, 2013

This one is it!

After lots of fiddling around with different ideas, that I tried, I think thisway worked and I am finally pleased with it.

So now it is on to making the second smaller center and doing more stitching, etc. I see with this picture that my buds are all the same height, so that will change.

I like taking photos of my work and then be able to evaluate them from the camera's eye instead of my own, which is partial and works up really close.

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  1. I always use my camera for this purpose. It has saved many a composition before it got too far. Love the flowers.

  2. ohh yeah love taking photos - also sometimes when I blog it out I can really evaluate the problems or the directions in a project - still love this project!

  3. Your poppies look fabulous! And yes, I second the "take-pics"-approach ;-))

  4. Hi, Carol! Thought I'd check out your blog and am glad I did! You are so right about the importance of taking a picture of a work in progress! I do this all along the way, and it often saves many a mistake and many a tear from falling!