Friday, March 15, 2013

Off the Wall Fridays and Material Mavens

This is a 2for - I am posting for two reasons. I usually do Off the Wall Fridays, but today is also the REVEAL day for the Material Mavens, of which I am a member too.

Every two months the Mavens have a challenge word to interpret, this reveal word was Communication.
Here's my piece:

Communication - Music

Communication – I thought what better way to communicate then with music? Music is the universal language and is understood by all. It communicates feelings and thoughts and brings them to everyone who listens. What better way to interpret communication, I asked myself.
So I started with an idea of Gregorian Chant. An old and not well known or used form of singing and the voice is the instrument of communication. There are many forms of chant, but this one I heard at an early age and enjoyed the sound. To depict chant, I put it on an interpretation of an Illuminated Page for a manuscript, and of course used the letter “C.” It could be for the word communication or my name!
Other modern musical notes were added using fabric I have had for years and of course, circles – because everything goes around and comes back to you.

See more at The Material Mavens and don't miss the pieces at Off the Wall Fridays!


  1. The composition is really strong on this Carol - great job!!! (and yeah I got the nice use of "C" right away!)

  2. Hi, Carol. I think you expressed the idea very well--it's a tough one! I would have no idea where to start!
    best, nadia

  3. What a great piece ! I do love that little vine, it adds some more sparkle to it.

  4. Very nice! You are right, music is a universal language!

  5. Interesting composition. I like your interpretation of the word communication/music. Great.