Monday, July 15, 2013

He Sees FISH!

I just posted this over on the Material Mavens site - it is reveal day again!

Yes, an odd name for something in the cell category, but my son works in a Pathology Lab and this is his view of the microscope in a dark area with a color florescence that can be changed depending on what you need to see/know.
He posted this pic on facebook one day after the "word" went out and I said that is a cool picture, and proceeded to make it.
I used cottons, fabric paints, inktense pencils and of course thread.

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  2. Carol, that is just wonderful! I don't know if I could have guessed what it was without the explanation (of course, I don't hang around microscopes a lot). However, my son does.....hmmmmmmmm....
    Thanks for the eye candy!