Friday, July 5, 2013

And a week later....

I actually have been working on the Statler Fountain. I do a lot of my work in my head, I am sure others do too, then I execute the ideas I come up with. So far I am happy with the progress too.

The next two weeks I have to go back to the real job again, writing 80+ letters of acceptance or regret to the artists in or not in the exhibit in the fall. (I haven't told my printer yet, but she is new and can handle the job) I still need to find two sponsors for two categories of awards - once that is done I can relax for a couple of weeks. It should be the end of August by then - time flies when you are having fun :)

I am going to get my self a new bicycle. I tried it again after trying to bike about 10 years ago and now that I have been walking on my treadmill, I can so flat or gently rising surfaces - so why am I not? Tried one of my sons old bikes and had a blast, but it doesn't fit me right, so now I get my own again.

Don't forget to go see the wonderful work of other folks on Off The Wall Fridays!

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  1. Looking good! Glad you have had the opportunity to work on the ideas that have been in your head...always satisfying.
    Need to complete my project for the 15th, as it has been floating around in my head for too long now!