Sunday, June 30, 2013

Long, long time, no post!

It has been since May! I have been steadily working on my "real job" since then and it has been pretty intense.
I finally have a little time to work on things, so picked up the Statler Fountain and started quilting it. The thing is, that I was also procrastinating about some of it. MY PROBLEM is that I'm always trying to make everything PERFECT, at least to my eyes.

I have to try to remember that I really enjoy the making of art and not think of it as "will someone else like it?" At this point, I shouldn't give a flying fig, but it is a hard habit to get out of.

So how many people do you know that have seen a flying fig? LOL!

Anyway, I put extra stuffing behind the fountain figure in order for it to stand out more and then went to the store for some grey thread. One of the colors I never have, along with beige. I keep forgetting to get some, so I bought four spools of successive color gradations.

I also went to my local quilt shop on Saturday morning for their Yard Sale, which was not in the yard. Didn't find anything there, but then went up to the store and got fabric and batting for the next and future projects.

Got my jury review work back and hung a piece in my kitchen next to the tree quilt - looks good too.

I'm looking forward to the NE Quilt show in Manchester in August :)

Check out other talented people's work at Off the Wall Friday!

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  1. FINALLY! Glad you have come out from "under" for awhile! :)