Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Canyon - Sue's Cousin

I always wanted to find a dinosaur skeleton. When the new word went out for "Canyon," what
else could I do?
So I went to a very nice canyon and did a dig and found a huge T-Rex I call Sue's Cousin. Sue is the biggest T-Rex skeleton found yet and she was found by a kid too! I'm a big kid!

I used a lot of strips of fabric to show soil layers and to give you that feel of age. Then "dug" some of the fabric away to reveal my find. I used an outline stitching to achieve this and then painted in the dino.

You can go to The Material Mavens to see the rest of the Mavens "Canyon" quilts.

AND don't forget Off the Wall Fridays!


  1. May be the most unusual pieces I have seen yet. Great idea.

  2. How very fun! Yes, the idea of a dinosaur tickles the imagination.
    best, nadia