Monday, May 6, 2013

I hate it when that happens!

So yesterday morning my DH and I went out to cut some branches from a couple of trees. Fine, while he was up on the ladder, I was goofing around with making rock sculptures. I was supposed to be holding the ladder. I was called to task :-P

Off I rushed to stand holding the ladder like a good helper (who would rather be playing with the rocks.) Occasionally looking up to see the progress being made. Last time I looked up it seemed like I may have been standing in the wrong place. Because DH gets a bit cranky if you don't follow directions, I said nothing and just sort of cringed into myself waiting for the branch to fall. Did you know that from 25 ft. up branches look a lot smaller then when they crash down and hit you?

Yup, luckily for me, I the cringing and ducking my head in towards the ladder made the branch hit me in the shoulder instead of the head. I'm pretty happy about that, and now have a technicolor shoulder. Luckily it hit on a muscle and did not break anything - I'm VERY happy about that, but do have a sore shoulder. Could be that way for a few days - we'll see - I did ice it immediately and a few times thereafter, so it does still work, just not as smoothly as before tree fall.

The roofers come today to put on a new roof - but first take off the old one to see how bad/old the base layer is.

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  1. WOW...SO happy to hear that you did not get hit in the head!