Thursday, May 2, 2013

Purple Tree Process 1

Here's a pic of the Purple Tree I started last week, in between house repairs and other goofy things that need doing.
Any opinions as to the shading? I am not sure yet, but keep cutting up fabric and disgarding - you know, the planning stage.

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  1. I would just add some highlights. You have plenty of darks and mediums. Wonderful color choices.

  2. I love purple so I am automatically biased in favor of this tree. I like the black outline--what about some slivers of black at other points? May or may not work. . .

  3. Lovely deep color in the tree, and I like the black border.

  4. I love your purple tree - very dramatic with the black. Can't wait to see more.

  5. Love the purple tree, Carol! I am having a lazy Mother's Day and decided to check out some blogs. Glad I came to yours!
    I HAVE seen that quilt you made for your son and daughter in law, but loved seeing it again, and congrats on winning that ribbon at the show! So nice to get accolades! See you on the 15th on the MM blog!