Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sewing adventures - I'm on the "I need express"

My only show is coming up fast, so now I need to do all kinds of stuff for it. I have been making hand bags, but need more than four.............don't you think?
I need to do more scarves before there aren't any leaves and things left for printing. I need to test some coating stuff for my silk bowls. I need to go faster or get more hours in the day. I have also been mentally planning my booth layout - no jewelry this year - it's all at the galleries.

So what do I do amongst all this stuff? I get more fabric for an apron. My old one has pooped out and just isn't "right" anymore due to a large hole worn into it. I got some weird asparagus fabric and some loud binding fabric and will whip that up today in between learning how to make labels for the artist groups postcard mailing.

I also could have had a job at a not so local jewelry store - which is why I don't have one. It's just not close enough for the bother. I'm not big on traveling through snow and ice to get there so - I just don't need it. Why do I put myself through this every once and a while? I have no idea, but will probably continue to do this - maybe to prove to myself that I exist? (sort of like pinch me to see if I am alive)  :)

Next week I have a meeting with the Gallery Committee at the new LNHC headquarters to learn from "Dan the Man" how to assemble the new gallery walls we have to work with.
The new space is so nice - very modern and museum like. It will be a pleasure to be able to set up exhibits there.

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  1. Its funny - you sound like my husband when he gets bogged down with so many things. I say - make a list and work your way down it. He laughs and says - lists are your style - not mine!!

    and yeah I turned down a part time job too 'cause winter evening driving is NOT fun!!