Saturday, September 10, 2011

Working on something old?

I have been out of the loop so long I just don't know what's "in" or "out." The good thing is that I know what I like :)
At the recent show in Manchester, I ran into a hand bag (yes, still doing those) that was called a chenielle bag. Being a touchy/feely kind of gal, I needed one, so bought the cutter and pattern. This one is purely experimental and that does sound good considering I just want one. LOL!

So after my post card label debacle yesterday which we won't revisit now that I am in a good mood, I decided to cut the fabrics for the main part of the bag. I am usually a neat and clean worker - sort of. This time I was cutting and throwing fabric scraps around! (I actually had fun) and put together the required five layers of fabric. Then I started sewing the layers together and am now half done the sewing. I should finish that later today.

I got my clips and rings in the mail for the handbags that I ordered. These are color coordinated and not sold in stores around here. I had to order from NY, but the colors are nice and next time I will get smaller clips - I think I could hold down a  German Shepard with these! LOL!!! I may not use them - I don't know. Ten minutes later..................I do know! I ordered some smaller ones :)

Today I get a certificate and pin for being a member of the DAR for 25 years! It sure does not feel like that long, but it is a nice acknowledgement.

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