Monday, October 24, 2011

After the Show

Today is the day after the show when my brain relaxes and stops thinking so hard. I feel like mush! BUT......what a great show we had at our new venue! Lots of people and smiles all around. Setting up my new booth area from jewelry to hanging things was different and I am still working out the kinks.
I did find out that my textured walls were too textured to hold the command hooks and two pieces fell off! That was a surprise, but no casualties.
We did notice upon breakdown that it went much faster than expected. The large walls were heavy and a PITA as our truck is shorted than the walls, but I may just use one next year. The twigs were great for hanging and that "system" will probably be used again next year. I may change the color of the back wall to something lighter. Maybe more lights, a taller circular table for the vessels - they were super popular! Things to think about for the next show.

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