Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Restaurant nightmare?

The other night (after my show) we went to a restaurant (Indian food) but I will not name it to be nice. Here's my story:

We walked in and waited to be seated - normal. Got to a booth, sat for two seconds and moved over to a table and chairs as the booth was too uncomfortable for us (old sore, tired bodies) :)

We ordered food and then both needed to wash our hands. I went into the ladies room and proceeded to wash. The sink sounded particularly loud and as I was getting paper towels to dry my hands, looked under the OPEN no cabinet sinks and the one I used was draining into a bucket. I was then glad I did not need to use the other facilities.
When I got back, my DH went to wash his. Now I watch an awful lot of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares (probably too much) so you can guess what I started thinking. So DH returns and the waiter brings over our lassies (sp?) drinks.
I told him about my sink thing - he then told me the men's room didn't have any soap! (all the waiters are men) and his feet stuck to the floor. EEEWWW!

We forged on thinking that bathroom cleanliness wasn't on this places list. We sipped our drinks (ok, DH glupped his) and as the waiter was just about to serve us, I went to sip mine again and there was a bug in it! They gave me another one. These guys are losing points quickly, like a 4 on our scale of 1 - 10.

We asked for mildly spiced food and it probably was but I couldn't eat one of the dishes as it blistered my mouth and it did make my teeth very white though :)
All in all, we gave that restaurant a 2 and won't EVER go back. As I said before, I watch a lot of those nightmare shows :)

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