Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Stuff!!!

Got my Gelli printing plate, now I just need to feel like doing something :) Still have that crappy cough and going to the dr tomorrow.I plan on printing the scarves I had at the show - I just ran out of time, as usual.

 Tonight is the Opening of the Exhibit and Facilities at the new League of NH Craftsmen's headquarters. We've been working up to this for a while and now the DAY is here. I will be there for a while, but not as long as I first thought. I'll leave when I start to feel numb.

So, back to talking about dyeing stuff. I am going to get some good clamps soon. I have been relying on cord and rubber bands, but would like something that will do a flatter fold.

While I was getting my plate from Pro Chem, I also got some fabric paint thinner medium, more Propasol and two new green dyes. My favorite green came out bronze last time I used it and poop to it!
I do see me starting some more silk vessels and experimenting with shapes. They look quite good with a flickering fake candle in them. One of the ways I enjoyed doing the scarf dyeing is to just sprinkle it on the soda soaked scarves - made a neat random "cosmos." That's the same way I do the vessels too.
I also need to make some more greens for backgrounds

I started some marsh marigolds during the show and am working on that while I sit around. Now that my hand works :) What a difference too!

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