Friday, November 4, 2011

Back from the dark :)

We got power back four days after the storm started. I feel very fortunate as there are still people out there without. It was miserable for us and I just can imagine how hard it is for them too.
Something is not quite right about counting on such a fragile system. We go about our daily lives completely unaware of the electrical infrastructure we depend upon = clueless. Until our lights and power go out - then it makes you realize how dependent you really are.

I guess that if I had the get up and go (as I did in my young days) I would create my own power/solar supply. I would also garden, put up my veggies and fruits, store stuff away for the long winter. Put wood by and all that Hippie stuff. I do know how to do all these things (which makes not having electricity easier) but the body doesn't want to be tough anymore - just wants to exist happily, not work hard like that.

So I sit here with my electricity and my diatribe spouting all kinds of drivel - and it is fun and comfortable in my heated, electrical house. Every day I thank the powers that be (NOT the electric company) for how good this life is.  :)  Enough said.

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  1. Well said! I'm very glad to hear that you FINALLY have power back...let the fun continue!