Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fabric Painting

I wanted to start another wildflower picture? thing? There is a word for that, but I am not getting it right now.
Anyway, I decided to use a painted background. So I took out my stuff and painted this. It is covered with salt right now and drying. I suppose after I wash out the salt I will have to dry it again.

That's ok as I have to work on the trim in my bedroom. I just got sick and tired of the color and will be going to a nice Ivory instead of dark blue (that is very 80's) Do I watch too many home improvement shows? You bet! So once I get DH to agree on something there is no dust on me, as he could change his mind, but once I am going he just gets out of the way :)

Yesterday I went to the store and bought all kinds of supplies that either dried out or needed replacement. WOW! Prices went up in the last 20 years! LOL! It will look fine when it is done :)
Maybe I'll put the piece outside to dry with some leafy things on it. HHMMM, I like that idea.
Do you think the chipmunks will walk on it too? Could be interesting.

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