Monday, November 21, 2011

Changing covers

Yesterday after doing WAY too much, I decided it was time to put on my new ironing board cover.

So I took it outside and stripped it down to the original padding, brushed the ugly thing off and then looked for a new sheet to replace the old padding. Couldn't find one as we use those - LOL! I found some ugly fabric instead and made a pad from that and then put the brand spanking new blue cover on. OOOO! So new looking!
Got his from a Fuller brush dealer at the Deerfield Fair in maybe October. It's been kicking around waiting for me to do this.
 Does this new cover mean I have turned over a new leaf?Changed my thoughts and values? No, it means I have a pretty mundane life and just changed my ironing board cover  :)

Holidays are fast approaching - nothing to do with ironing boards. I'm having company and as usual will be left alone to cook all of Wednesday and Thursday morning. Not complaining here, but a couple more burners and maybe some more pots would be helpful, not to mention new dishes. I'm having kitchen anxiety. It comes every year when I am at the peak of hating my kitchen (holiday season the most.) I've entered contests, checked on line a lot to see if one of those home improvement shows are coming my way, but nope not here. So I'll just cook on my dinky stove in my inadequate kitchen with ancient refrigerator and not enough pots. I'll get someone to crawl inside the cupboard to get the turkey pan  for me.  It's behind the frying pans, behind the soup pot, under the angel food cake pan I never use. (of course all this is in the dark, so you need a flashlight to get to it.)

A few members of the Merrimack Valley Artisans (me included) got to present our work to the Groton Women's Club this past week at their meeting. We had a good time and got our message across of how much we love to do our art. A Good time was had by all. So much for my normal part of life.  :)

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  1. No photo of the new ironing board cover?!
    Your holiday cooking circumstances do sound a bit challenging, but better than what the pilgrims had to deal with! I'm sure you will pull it off beautifully and all will have a great time!