Monday, November 7, 2011

Life is always interesting - so is dyeing fabric :)

Life changes constantly from one thing to another. Dyeing fabric though is just as baffling some days. I tried two new colors yesterday and did the washout and ironing this morning. Three types of fabric, sort of. I used silk and crepe de chine and just plain old pfd cotton from ProChem. The colors are from ProChem too. I used Olive Drab # 7182 which came out nice on the cotton, but more bronze on the silks. The other color is Dark Green # 7207. This color came out with a blue cast to it. Not bad for making shadow leaves. With the type pf work I do, I need to have a large collection of greens and these are good to add to the bunch.

So, to help you out.....
The olive drab pieces are (from left to right) 1, 2, 6 & 8 the others are the dark green.

For anyone interested, I have let my fabrics batch overnight and they are SO much easier to wash out - doesn't take a ton of water.....I like this as we have a well.

Why are there too many things I want to do? That is my question for the day - ponder, ponder.

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  1. Carol, tell me what dyeing process and products you use! I have been so hesitant to get into dyeing, since I have asthma, though of course I could wear a good mask!