Thursday, January 12, 2012

Directing energy

Yesterday was such and odd day for me - I seemed to go in a zillion directions and got nowhere very fast. Ever have those types of days?

Started out experimenting with my Gelli Plate. I still haven't figured out how I should use it.  I've seen the videos and read everything, but it still doesn't do much for me. Fiddling around with it may help, but not yet. I think I am stuck on doing silk screening as I like the neatness of the "figure" that results. Don't have any of the tools and don't want to buy MORE stuff.

Stared at my Gyotaku supplies and shoved those aside. Took out my vessels and goofed around with them.
Got out some magazines and thumbed through them - pretty pictures - no ideas resulted.

Then took down off of my design wall a piece I had been working on and thinking about. Looked at that again and decided it was done. Took out the basting and did a bit of beading on it. By this time it was supper and I found I did not get one thing done, except laundry. Fairly frustrating day, but today is new and another horizon awaits! :)


  1. You did a lot of THINKING, plus some beading!
    Inspiration hits at the oddest times - don't you think? Hope today's filled with inspiration for you!

  2. I agree with Judy.
    My Gelli plate is a virgin as well and will be another week. I think I am enjoying working a couple of hours at several different things...rotating...rather than trying to finish in one long haul.

  3. My first encounter with my Gelli plate was also not very inspiring. I have vowed not to give up!!

  4. I seem to do fine on paper, but not on fabric. Practice, practice.