Friday, January 27, 2012

January Free Motion Challenge and things I already knew

So what are the things I already knew? I knew I didn't like repetitive designs, I knew I do a better job is whatever I am sewing is small - tiny leaves vs. large ones.

So here's my January Challenge piece. Because I get bored easily, I did mine in more than one color. I started with brown, then blue, purple and then green. This gives me an idea as to whether or not I have made any improvement.  What do I think? Looks just ok and no, I'm not doing another one this month. :) Enough said.


  1. Carol that looks great, and love all the colors, just like leaves are! Like how you have the date right written in thread too! Good for you :)

  2. Thanks! I did the date because............I forget everything and thought that would help.

  3. Looks great to me, Carol. Love the different colors!

  4. I'm doing the challenge also and although yes ,the leaves are an easy motif I found that I thought about what I should be doing to make my FMQ ing projects go more smoothly such as doing a practice piece to get the tension right. I am not a patient quilter. And always want to dive right in, not doing that step and usually curse my machine because it's not right. Will I change my lazy ways?
    Probablly not but now I will curse my lazy ways instead of my machine.