Thursday, January 5, 2012

Experiment and Voila!

I got a set of Gyotaku (which means fish printing) leaves - go figure and one fish for Christmas. Decided to try it this morning. Yesterday I washed some plain fabric in order to do this.
The idea is not new, but I have never done this and I do like mono-printing and waiting until something grows again so I can have great leaves is like waiting for paint to dry.
This is my result from a few tries this morning.I love this! The recommendation is to place your fabric or paper onto the painted object, but I seem to do better the other way round.
I intend to overdye this little tableau once it is dry and thoroughly pressed. We will see later how it comes out.


  1. Great print...never heard of this technique before: went to Youtube to watch a video demo. Thanks for "the learnin' "!

  2. It is fun and right up my alley! Thankfully it doesn't come with the smell too.