Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Body of Work

I wrote this a few days ago, when I did not know the result of the jury - well..... I GOT IN for FIBER, so now I am a double juried member :)
Whoopee! That stress is over and it all went well. Just wanted the Friday gals to know too.

Body of Work...........sounds weird doesn't it? Well, that is just what I am finishing this week for my jury on Thursday. All pieces are on their frames, the story is written for each. Next is cutting the mats for the backs and then nailing them on, adding hangers and voila! A finished piece ready to hang.
This time I am not panicked (yet) and have all the work done before the deadline............hard for me to believe too.
I also photographed all the pieces and made two sets, one for the web and one for League publication - I guess I am thinking big :)

These are all the pieces I have been showing you over the last few months, so noting is looking new, but they are looking done!
There are seven,, so keep scrolling - thanks for looking too :)
Apache Gold
Wild Geranium

Purple Trillium

Water Lily
Marsh Marigold
Libbey Road

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  2. When you went through this the first time, I didn't realize how nerve wrecking it can be. Now that I'm getting my own act together to be juried into a local art association, I can totally empathize! Still I know you'll do great and it will go smoothly! Good Luck!!(although I don't think its needed - your work speaks for itself!)

  3. Your "body" looks fabulous! LOVE to see them in person 'cuz they are amazing in the photos, but know that up close and personal, they are even more so!

  4. Hi, Carol. Enjoyed seeing your body of work (very lovely) and of course I had to zoom in to see all the detail work. Congratulations on your acceptance.
    best from Tunisia,

  5. Your flowers are absolutely wonderful! I was so happy when I found your blog at Nina Marie's and saw all the wonderful things you have done, but especially the flowers as I have tried to make a few myself. I have tried to figured out if they are applicated or if you paint them. I also like the way you sign, so well intregated in the pattern. I will be a follower of your blog!

  6. Lovely backgrounds and love the beading on the lizard:)