Wednesday, October 17, 2012


OK, it is finally time to show what I have been working on so long behind the scenes.

My middle son will be married this weekend and I made a commemorative piece for them.
This is a compilation of two photographs that were taken by the future bride's Dad. I had asked him to find out (secretly) and send me pictures of their favorite places and anywhere else they are fond of.

So I received several photos of lovely vistas in San Diego, but this background kept calling me. It is sunset at La Jolla Shores where they went on the first date. The figures are from one of their engagement photos on the same shore line.

For fabrics I used silk, cotton, some kind of see through fabric (the name escapes me so early in the am,) paints, inks, beads, machine stitching and hand embroidery. The figures were silk screened by my dear friend and I am in debt to her for this - it came out so well, that my jury thought it was one of the best pieces!
I hand colored the people and used various paint and inks for the background sections to get the right feel for the scene.

The figures were slightly raised by using a very thin batt material under the cotton batt - cut out to the size of the figures.

In conclusion- I like it and think they will too!


  1. ohhh this is great!! they'll love it! I love how the shadows are working!

  2. It IS a wonderful worth all the angst ( and fun ) that went into it's creation.

  3. It is beautiful! They will love it and treasure it forever.

  4. Great job and I am sure they will be overjoyed!

  5. what a wonderful treasure for them!
    Sandy in the UK

  6. Gorgeous!!! I think it is a treasure that will be in the family for many generations. Great work!

  7. What a gorgeous gift! You are so talented, Carol. They must have been thrilled with it!