Thursday, October 25, 2012

Home from California

Here I sit trying to make believe that I am not exhausted from traveling all day Monday. It seems like a much longer trip coming back and my mind is too befuddled to figure out why right now :)

Anyway............. We got there and did some stuff that needed doing right away - registered at the hotel, picked up the tuxes, etc.
Then we got together with the kids at their house. They were very wowed, pleased and excited about the wall piece I did for them :) Not that it would be bragging, but can I now say, "it is in a private collection?" LOL!

I had to stop and work on the barn all day yesterday - today too, so that first line I wrote, just mentally put it here too :)

The next exhibition by the Gallery in Concord is called " A Child At Heart" I have plenty of thoughts bouncing around and will start the piece next week, or whenever the barn is done, this week. I still need to do two reviews before I am considered a "full juried member" for my fabric, so I wonder if entering this is a technicality or not. Why? Them's the rules, that's why. I will find out for sure though.

I started working on a new business card - I am never satisfied, I guess. :)

I have some leaves that I would work as silk screens that I may have to send to my friend so she can do this for me and charge appropriately. I scanned these before it got too cold and I know I can use them in my work, so................ may as well. Then it gives me an excuse to go over her house and play too!

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  1. Yay....a play date! So glad that your wall quilt is now in it's new home and being loved!