Friday, November 2, 2012

Off The Wall Friday

Now that cross country trips and storm disasters are over......... (barn repair still goes on)

I started a new piece for an exhibit (and also my jury review) this week. I decided to make Hollyhock Dolls for the theme, "A Child at Heart."

Circles were cut out and I used Jacquard Neo-Opaque paints and Dy-na Flow inks to create these colors. In trying to expand my color palette, I mixed them, instead of using anything right our of the bottle/jar. I also used the silk/cotton blend fabric and silk, so far. I think I will do silk leaves, which I find tend to curl nicely, once I'm done with them.

I find it interesting to see and watch people during the/my creating process. What I see in my head and what they see are usually very different. When it all comes together, then the Ahhh Haaa, moment happens. Such fun! I think we all enjoy the process.

I also just ordered the new size Gelli Printing Plate 12 X 14 - expensive, but I think it will work better for me than the 8 X 10. I'm not interested in making any jell plates, really.

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  1. Love the hollyhock beginnings...looking forward to seeing them grow!
    Did not know there was a bigger gelli plate to be had, hmmmmmm.....!

  2. I'm "gelli" that you ordered the new size Gelli plate! I was hoping they would have them here at Quilt Festival but haven't seen them! Your hollyhocks look very charming. It will be fun to see them further along!

    1. I asked about two months ago at Gelli if they would have a bigger plate coming and they sent me an email as soon as they were available.

      When I ordered it said limited amounts. So, I assume they are just testing the waters as far as carrying that new size goes.

  3. ohhh these are great - it reminds me that I should try experimenting more with my paints instead of just using them right out of their bottles on conventional fabrics!