Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Some of the Process

So, during the week, I have been struggling with the background of the Hollyhock Doll. I had many ideas that I eventually rejected and finally ended up doing something different for me.

Picture I worked from - this is not the fabric.
I took a photo of hollyhocks and I really wanted only the foliage, so went into Photoshop and cropped it. Then I isolated the foliage and put it on a transparent background. Nice. Not enough though, so I added a second. Perfect, except how do I get this idea onto my background? I printed several of these pics and then cut out the stems, one set larger than the other, so I would have some depth to the stem. I like it. Now I transferred this onto freezer paper and sliced the stems out. I then ironed the freezer paper onto the fabric making sure it was really stuck there. Made up a color that was close to the dyed fabric leaves and used my scraper thing to print the stems onto the fabric = freezer paper silkscreen, sort of. Took off the freezer paper between colors. Dried this and then did the same with a lighter color,  and then ironed it.

Time to put it down and think again. Today I made shadow buds to complete the stems, and am currently adding? some felted buds and a couple of leaves? Not sure yet, still designing/thinking.

That's what I have been doing :)

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