Friday, November 30, 2012

Hollyhock Doll almost done!

So after a week of working on the barn and getting that done for the winter. :)

I'm a bit sore, but very happy about the whole process.

I started the week doing catch up stuff. Here and there I found a little time to do a little more to this piece. I have one more button to put on it, then do some quilting, not much and then add the doll and frame the whole thing.
I'm loving how cute she has turned out and all her sisters on the stems too. All in all I am quite pleased.

Go see more fabulous work at Nina-marie's Off The Wall Friday.


  1. How cute is she! Glad to see the progress as I could not imagine where you were going with this one!

  2. Hollyhocks brings warm memories. I really like the buttons and am eager to see the quilting that you add. Love this.

  3. I love hollyhocks! Very nice block!

  4. It's so lovely, looking forward to seeing it finished.