Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to dyeing scarves

Today I decided it was TIME. So, I got out my stuff and did some painting on silk scarves, kind of. I did use the alginate and like how it works too. Nice thick dyes that you can do stuff with.
This one I will overdye with some idea right now what color, but suggestions are fine by me :)
I also did a sprinkle thing with dye powder.

What you see here are long skinny photos - that's the best I can do this morning. Being short doesn't help when you have something long and thin to photograph  :)


  1. This makes me wish I had bought some silk scarves to dye. I love what you are doing...but I have tgo learn how to paint and dye them first. I also heard about your silver clay...soooo how can one do it all in life! I keep trying. But you do it so well. Probably you would have to boil your bag to get it tea dyed? Gotta look that up. One cannot have enough good purses.

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