Friday, August 19, 2011

Quilt show outing

A friend and I went to a World Quilt Show in Manchester yesterday - it runs for the next two days too!
Had a blast meeting up with friends for lunch, then on to the show and vendors. Spent all my money on things to make other things with. :)
Have piles of things all over my studio now. That should make the not so organized people in my life happy.............I'm not organized! But it is such a happy mess!
I have photos of some of the quilts from the show, but won't post them here as not to offend the makers in any way - copyright stuff and all. I do have favorites though and will send them onto those who want them.


  1. Soooooo, are you going back ? :)

  2. Probably. One of the things I bought (a pattern for a handbag) is missing instructions 1 - 26!

    So I want to get another.

  3. A panel I bought without checking was incomplete...but I cut off my wristband, teehee.